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Yoga, breathwork & holistic health training
with  Anouk Maas
a custom made plan to your needs

Yoga, Breathwork
Orthomolecular health training

Balance the body. Center the mind.

I am a vinyasa yoga trainer based in Amsterdam.

I provide my students with a dynamic playful style that helps them to take their practice forward.

In my class, we will work on strength, flexibility, balance, and focus.

Create a positive, uplifting space with clear alignment instructions, everyone is welcome whatever your level.

My teaching methodology is holistic and focused on living a balanced, healthy life that contains nutrition, body movement, sleep, and mindfulness.

I provide orthomolecular tailor-made nutritional advice and if wanted you can do a neurotransmitter test and/ or an EMB bloodtest.

To get a total specialized of your overall health.

I also provide breathwork and am a certified breathcoach.

Hereby you can experience and learn about breath. To de-stress, calm down or get more energized when needed.

Releasing trauma and physical blockages.

 Experience your physical and mental potential, restore and recharge the mind and body.

Translating it to your everyday life, which is the power of overall wellbeing and health.

For 1-1, duo or small group (max. 5) training.

Don't hesitate to contact me for further questions or book a class!

I hope to welcome you soon.

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Balance the body. Center the mind.

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Bluebirds West
Jan Evertsenstraat 4-8
1056 EC Amsterdam

020 – 777 63 23

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