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I have worked and still am working in theater/ Television my whole life and learned a lot about my body and voice.

This is a very demanding full-time job and sometimes it is hard to create some space and rest. I had no fixed schedule and couldn’t find a right diet or routine that worked for me.

I have tried many things and nothing worked until I got in contact with an orthomolecular doctor and nutritionist.

With therapy and consulting I found a better routine that works for my body that resulted in better skin, energy, stronger body, a healthier lifestyle and mindset I can keep up with.

I now feel more balanced and have more self awareness. With this new lifestyle and I have found tools to apply every day to improve my health and energy.

Combining this with the philosophy of yoga, practicing yoga and meditation, I felt and noticed a healthy difference.

Regaining my energy and rest, feeling more in control and free of junk food, free restlessness in mind and body.

Being a yoga enthousiast for the past sixteen years I decided to deepen my practice to study yoga, understanding the human body anatomy and also adding a orthomolecular study advanced consultant and breathwork coach.

To be able to share this with you and the rest of the world!

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